Come For The Weekend ... Go Home With Game!


Our three Fall 2016 Immersion Weekends (strictly limited to two sponsors each) include two 12- 14 goal games (Friday and Sunday) specifically designed to help your play AND a private stick & ball session with Adam Snow, Owen Rinehart, and Julian Daniels on Saturday. 

Get the same training Team USPA gets ... so you can HIT better, PLAY faster, make better in-game DECISIONS and score more GOALS.

Bring your pro or come alone. Either way, you'll go home with serious game!


"During my more than twenty years of playing polo I have never had a more enjoyable and educational weekend than last spring at Langdon Road polo classic.  Polo without the “winner take all” competition, instead 3 days of camaraderie, learning, riding hard and one on one time with Adam Snow, Owen Rinehart and Julian Daniels.  I cannot recommend this pro-am polo weekend enough."

Frank Stitt

Birmingham, Alabama


More than just polo. Make it a polo vacation.


Those who live here know ... there is no place like Aiken. So, as long as you're coming to visit, we encourage you to take advantage of all the area has to offer.

If you are coming from out of town, we can recommend where to stay, where to put up your horses, where to eat, where to shop, what to see ... or the best realtors. Just let us know.

It's amazing how many of us came for a visit and had to stay!


Try Horses In Realistic Conditions

Aiken is home to many, many of the top breeders and trainers. There is no place else you can try so many horses, at wholesale prices. And no better way to try them than in real game conditions. So let us know if you would like us to set that up for you.  

Enjoy Historic Downtown Aiken

In its heyday, Aiken was known as “the winter colony”. Wealthy northerners came to Aiken every year to escape the cold winters. Southerners came to escape the stifling heat and malaria. Aiken was the equestrian playground of American scions. They didn’t all come to Aiken because it sucked!